Stainless Steel Cleaning Media

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Stainless Steel Cleaning Media
Manufacture ID: 7631375

Rotary case tumbling provides a real advantage over other methods of case cleaning as the stainless steel media pins are able to get into areas that other media such as corn cob or nut shell simply cannot reach. Areas such as primer pockets and the inside of cases are both cleaned using rotary tumblers, while vibratory tumbling just can’t get into these areas effectively. A good quality stainless steel media, made to the correct length and diameters is needed however, to take advantage of these benefits. Lyman stainless steel media pins are made to the correct dimensions for optimum cleaning power. They also resist rust and corrosion when in storage. The stainless steel media pins are available in 5 pound boxes and will work with the new Lyman Cyclone Rotary Tumbler or other brands of rotary case tumblers.


- Media pins are made to the proper dimesions for optimum cleaning power
- The stainless steel pins resist rust and corrosion
- Works with all brands of rotary case tumblers


- Packed in 5 lbs. boxes

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