Zipwire Brush&Jag - 270/280 Caliber

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  • Manufactured by: Real Avid

Zipwire Brush&Jag - 270/280 Caliber
Manufacture ID: AVZW270-A

Real Avid ZipJag & ZipBrush Combo Pack will help you clean your firearm faster, more efficiently, and with better results. These Real Avid cleaning tools feature the only jag that's specifically designed for a flex-rod system. The multiple grooves of the jag in the cleaning kit force patches directly against the bore instead of bunching them up unevenly, maximizing the coverage of your solvent. The Real Avid Zip Jag/Brush Cleaning Tool Combo Kit also includes a ZipBrush, a sturdy cleaning brush with tough bronze-phosphor bristles that power right through fouling and build up with no problems. Real Avid has packaged two high-quality cleaning tools in one package with the Real Avid Jag & Brush Gun Cleaning Tool Combo Set.


- .270 / .280 Caliber
- Fast-cleaning tool combo pack by Real Avid
- Includes one ZipJag and one ZipBrush
- ZipJag is the only jag specifically crafted for a flex-rod
- Multiple grooves on the ZipJag improve patch coverage
- ZipBrush made with bronze-phosphor bristles for tough cleaning

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